How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

Would you like to see a password of a selected Wi-Fi network from your android phone? Here’s how you can use Android to View saved Wi-Fi password.

Maybe you’re just connected to the system for which you have forgotten the password, or you would like to confirm the password for a buddy’s network before adding another device.

Just by using few methods we will demonstrate you to find saved Wi-Fi passwords on android. It’s worth mentioning that you can only see passwords for networks to which you’ve already connected. You won’t be able to use them to find the Wi-Fi password for a network you have not joined; you’ll have to ask the network’s administrator for the password.

Without Rooting, View Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

Starting with Android 10, you may now retrieve the Wi-Fi passwords for your bookmarked networks without a rooted device.

Let’s take a look at how to do it on a Pixel device running stock Android 11—the steps may differ somewhat depending on your device and Android version. On Android 10 / earlier, navigate to Settings and then Network & internet to see a Wi-Fi password.

Select Wi-Fi on Android 10 or 11. Instead, with Android 12, you’ll have to choose Internet. The top of the list will show your current Wi-Fi network. Select it to see the network’s options.

If you aren’t connected to the correct network, choose another from the list or look in the Saved networks section at the bottom of the page.

Without Rooting, View Wi-Fi Passwords on Android cont’d

There is a Share button in the Wi-Fi network’s overview page. select it. To continue, You must confirm your face/fingerprint / enter your PIN code to proceed. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the network’s Wi-Fi password displayed underneath a QR code.

You now have access to your network’s Wi-Fi password, which you may share with others or use on a different device.

The QR code on this page simplifies the procedure even further by allowing another device to join the network without having to enter the password.

This improves network security by concealing the actual password and eliminating the frustration of typing it wrong.

Tap the QR Code icon next to Add network under the list of Wi-Fi networks if you’re sharing the password with an Android phone.

If the other person has an iPhone, have them use the Camera app to scan the code, then tap the Join prompt

With Android 12, you’ll also notice a Nearby button, which allows you to share the password with other Android devices nearby.

This makes advantage of the Nearby Share feature and eliminates the need to scan the QR code from your device’s screen.

You might wish to take a screenshot of the QR code so that you can email it to others without having to go through the following menus each time.

Keep in mind that anyone who has that code can connect to your Wi-Fi network.

See Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 9 and Older

If you’re on Android 9 or earlier, or if the above option isn’t available for whatever reason, you’ll have to look for another way to divulge your Wi-Fi password.

Unfortunately, all of these solutions necessitate the use of a rooted Android device.

This is due to the fact that the file containing the Wi-Fi credentials for saved networks is located in a secure directory on your phone’s storage.

Unless you’re rooted, you won’t be able to see the folder or the file within it.

If you have a rooted device and wish to access your Wi-Fi password on Android, use a file explorer tool that allows root browsing to get to /data/misc/wifi.

You need to see your network name (ssid) and password in wpa supplicant.conf (psk).

You can use WiFi Password Viewer like Android Wi-Fi password viewer app   if this doesn’t work or you want to try another method. These allow you to view the password for a saved network.

They’re root-only and have mixed ratings, so your results may vary. There isn’t much that apps like these can do if your phone encrypts the file holding Wi-Fi credentials.

View Wi-Fi Passwords on Another Device

The two basic techniques for viewing saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android are as follows.

If you’re not rooted and using Android 9 or earlier, your best bet is to use a desktop device to check the Wi-Fi password.

hese make it a lot easier—for more information, check how to view Wi-Fi passwords on a Mac or how to find Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10.

In the future, you might want to utilize a password manager to keep track of key Wi-Fi passwords so you don’t have to rely on these workarounds.

You should also make certain that your own Wi-Fi network is secure.

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