The 7 Best Free Video Streaming Services Everybody Should Use

Best Free Video Streaming Services

With so many subscription-based streaming services available today (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and a plethora of others), it’s easy to rack up a sizable monthly fee for your TV consumption. There are, however, an increasing number of free streaming video providers.

Here are seven of the greatest free video streaming sites to try.

What Is the Process of Using Free Video Streaming Services?

Because they are ad-supported, free video streaming services are completely free to use. This means you’ll have to wait through some advertisements (which you can’t skip), but you won’t have to sign up for anything or give someone your credit card number in exchange. The programming isn’t as current as it is with premium services, but if you enjoy viewing classic TV episodes and movies, these services are a wonderful alternative.

The majority of these providers offer a combination of TV shows and movies. Most provide on-demand shows that you may view from beginning to end at your leisure. Many provide “live” streams of programs arranged into channels and shown in a standard channel grid. All of them are continually changing their content, so what’s accessible today could not be available next week.

These services are available on the majority of streaming media devices, including Amazon Fire and Roku boxes and sticks, as well as most smart TVs. You may also watch on your smartphone, tablet, or computer’s web browser.

What Are the Best Online Video Streaming Services?

There are more than a dozen free streaming video providers, many of which offer a similar mix of historic TV series and older films.

Let’s have a look at some of the most well-known services.

1. Crackle

Let’s begin with Crackle and work our way down the alphabet. This service provides on-demand material in a range of genres, primarily movies but also some older television episodes. Barney Miller, Benson, Charlie’s Angels, The Facts of Life, Fantasy Island, The Partridge Family, and Starsky & Hutch are among the shows available.

Movies contain a fair mix of oldies and contemporary stuff, such as the original Spider-Man trilogy and a slew of flicks you’ve probably never heard of.

2. TV on IMDb

Amazon owns IMDb TV, which complements the company’s premium Prime Video offering. IMDb TV provides on-demand material as well as a “live” channel guide.

It also has more well-known content than some other free services and programming that is not available on other services. This includes more recent (but still older) films and TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Desperate Housewives, Little House on the Prairie, Lost, Murder She Wrote, Night Court, and Spenser for Hire. Corner Gas, a popular Canadian comedy series, is also available exclusively on IMDb TV in the United States.

3. Plex

Plex is one of the more recent entrants into the free streaming market. Plex is most known for its media server software, but it also provides on-demand and “live” streams in a program guide style. More than 200 unique channels of content are available, including movies, TV series, documentaries, reality programming, news, sports, and music-only stations.

It is worth noting that just a few services are available through this service. Plex instead gets a lot of its content from Crackle, Shout TV, and other comparable providers.

4. Pluto Television

Because Pluto TV is owned by Paramount, it features material from all of the company’s holdings, including CBS and Viacom networks. Pluto was one of the first services to organize its programs into “live” channels that could be scrolled through in a standard channel grid.

Pluto TV now has over 250 channels available, as well as on-demand programs. These are divided into categories, such as:

Movies, Entertainment, News and Opinion, Reality Crime, and many other topics are covered.

There are also stations dedicated to individual series, such as Gunsmoke, Happy Days, and Star Trek. Pluto TV arguably provides the most diverse variety of great programs of any free streaming service due to its affiliation with Paramount, CBS, and Viacom.

5. Roku’s Channel

Pluto TV and The Roku Channel are widely regarded as the market leaders in free streaming video. The Roku Channel began as a service for Roku’s streaming media players and televisions. It is, however, now available on the majority of other media players and TV platforms (including Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast devices), as well as on the web for computer users.

The content includes a combination of on-demand and “live” channels, including AccuWeather, ABC News, Cheddar, Fox News, NBC News, and other services. It also provides “Roku Originals,” which are programming sourced from the now-defunct Quibi short-form video service.

6. Tubi

Tubi relies a little more heavily on movies than the other free sites, however, those movies tend to be older and less well-known. Tubi also features TV shows including Anger Management, The Bachelorette, Dark Shadows, The Masked Singer, and The Nanny.

Tubi also has a good range of news and sports programmings, such as beIN Sports Extra, Fox Sports, MLB Channel, NFL Channel, and Stadium. On-demand programming is available, with some “live” channels.

7. Xumo

The last free service we’ll highlight today is Xumo, which provides content in both “live” channels in a regular channel list and on-demand programming. Xumo promotes itself as a movie destination, and it does include film-related programs from Crackle, FilmRise, Shout TV, and other sources.

Xumo, like Pluto TV and The Roku Channel, has a solid variety of live news (from ABC News, CBS News, Cheddar, Fox News, NBC News, Newsy, and others) as well as sports.

Choose the Best Free Video Streaming Service for You

These seven free streaming sites provide a wide range of material that should satisfy the needs of any viewer. Yes, they offer a lot of old TV series and movies, but there are some fantastic things to watch as well. And, because they’re completely free, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two of them—you may watch as many as you want on whichever device you’re using right now.

When it comes to watching streaming video without breaking the bank, these free sites are the way to go!

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