Success of Xbox Game Streaming

Success of Xbox Game Streaming

Success of Xbox Game Streaming has some reasons. They are free VPNs, HDMI cable types and NFTs. Keep reading to know the differences between free VPNS and paid VPNs, different types of HDMI cables and various media that NFTs are sold as well.

Microsoft is making cloud gaming and they planning to get free VPN into Microsoft Edge.
Thousands of people have Xbox game passes in cloud gaming services. They spend billions of hours of game time as well.

Success of Xbox Game Streaming

Someone might think it was a fat. love it or hate it is your choice. But Microsoft recently revealed that 10 million of people have given the cloud gaming portion a decent try. If it take as a percentage, It is 40 percent of the number of people that subscribed to the Xbox game pass.

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Cloud Gaming on the Xbox Game pass

According to the reports of RCB Wireless, Microsoft has said that 10 millions of people gave the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming And also they have spend billions of hours of playtime, by streaming the game onto their devices from Microsoft’s servers.

Have you missed that chance. There is nothing to worry at all. Now, Xbox Game Pass comes with the ability to play Xbox game on the cloud. All you need is a good internet connection and a compatible controller. When you are playing a game on the Xbox Game Pass cloud, Microsoft servers do all the graphical rendering. After they send the result to your device as a stream. Then you can play games and get experience like you are on a console or gaming PC.

Your device need to do render a video feed and take controller inputs. That is the all your device need to do. Through this you would be able to stream high fidelity game son low end computers, as well as smartphones. If you are running low on storage space, you can stream on your Xbox console.

For the first time, Microsoft’s most popular titles like Flight Simulator, are now accessible on smart phones, tablets even on the low space PCs. Microsoft game pass libraries are included many titles across Pc and console. Many games from third party publishers are also included.

According to the Microsoft, users have played in billions of hours over the past 12 months. It is up to 45 percent. With the support of Azure, Microsoft is building the best cloud for game studios of all sizes. It will help to grow their games and new capabilities, improve speed and time to development. And also it will help to connect players across platforms.

Is it the Start of the Cloud Gaming Revolution?

People spend billions of ours in cloud gaming. Its because the ongoing5G rollout. Both 4G and 5G are crucial for gaming. But 5G takes main place because of much better latency and bandwidth when considering 4G. That’s why experts believe 5G will change the way that games being played.

success of Xbox Game Streaming.

here are some benefits of playing console games in PCs. Microsoft servers are running the games for users. There is nothing going to stop you from telling the Xbox Game Pass to stream a console game to your computers.

Therefore chances are that internet bandwidth improvements combined with the luxury of playing PC and Xbox gamers on any device were the driving force behind the success of Xbox Game Pass Cloud gaming. And if, Microsoft plays its cards right, it could be the de facto choice for cloud gaming in the future.

As Microsoft sees the great success for its Xbox Game Pass Cloud gaming service, the company is bound to use it more. We just have to wait and see what they do in the future.

Reasons for Success of Xbox Game Streaming

  • Free VPNs
  • HDMI cables
  • NFTs

VPNs for Success of Xbox Game Streaming

Microsoft Edge make VPNs soon

The tech gain is working on a free private network for its browser, which might make you reconsider playing that VPN bill.

success of Xbox Game Streaming.

Microsoft Edge’s Built in VPN

Why are you using a VPN? If you are using it to keep your browsing habits private, keep an eye out for Microsoft Edge as the Ramond-based tech gain plants to roll out a free in browser VPN to help you to protect your data.

New built in VPN in Microsoft Edge found and interesting page on Microsoft support that details the “Microsoft Edge Secure Network”. Fortunately, this website gives more than enough information about how this network works.

Microsoft Edge Secure network is a virtual private network (VPN) built right into the browser. Enabling secure networking is easy, just flip the switch and surf privately. In addition, all data is handled by Cloudflare, which has earned an excellent reputation online for protecting business and individuals from online threats.

While Cloudflare collects a limited amount of diagnostic and support data as part of the service, it promises to delete that data after 25 hours. Otherwise, it works like any other VPN, it hides your location and encrypts the traffic you send through Microsoft Edge.

This feature has some limitations, first it does not look like you can choose which country you want to connect from. Just press a button and Edge will take care of the rest. Also secure network only allows you to view 1GB per month before you have to wait for the data limit to be reset.

Because Microsoft Edge secure network is still in testing, it is not certain that these limitations will remain the final version. We also do not know if Microsoft plans to change for advanced features or higher data limit.

Possible move away from third party VPNs.

Adding a free built in VPN to Edge makes big difference. Not only does this allow for power of a private network with very little technical knowledge, but public Windows PCs also come with a default VPN without the need for additional downloads.

So this is the end of third party VPNs? The lack of country selector makes this feature less than ideal for bypassing regional blocks. And the 1 GB data limit disappears quickly if you use the service to stream TV shows or movies that are not in your country. Therefore dedicated VPNs always win on this format.

But for casual browsing, the new Edge VPN is great. Ans some people who are currently playing for their privacy may decide to switch to Edge for a free and easy to use VPN service. And as Microsoft continues to develop the service, the control that third party solutions have on the market may begin to wane.

Paid VPNs

VPN services also caused for the success of Xbox Game Streaming. Using VPN services popular choice among the internet users, just because of it gives online safety. Many VPN providers get some cost foe monthly subscription while others are free. Major VPN providers like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN giver VPN services with a price. These are offers multiple server connections, kill switches. and also it gives unblocking capabilities which let you to bypass restricted content. They provides double or multi hop VPNs that encrypt your data at least twice via multiple servers.

Paid VPNs also gives fast internet speed. If your internet speed is not in a good, having a VPN minimize the toll taken on connection speed.

You might be afraid of whether your data are safety or not. Many popular VPN servicer’s key focus is users safety. But there is a little chance to not handled your data in safety. specially when you use any website or online service. But there is nothing to worry too much. If you are using VPN from a very well established and reviewed V provider, the risk of safety is minimal.

There is another problem using paid VPNs. It is they are costly. If you want to get a best deal you might have to sign up for one or two year plan. But the problem is many users do not wanna such a long period contract. If you are going to use VPN for few months you have to paid a monthly cost of $10 or more.

Free VPNs

Because of the high cost of using paid VPNs, users try to use free VPNs. But there are some reasons can put your private data in danger while using private VPNs. There might e some providers who gives legitimate VPN service for free of charge as well. Some issues may be occur like criminal activity, data leaks, and lacking security while using free VPN.

Many free VPN providers sales user private data to the third party. Because they can not earn money only by user’s subscription fees. No only private companies, even government officials and organizations buy these data in a high price. Betternet, PsiphonVPN are some companies for popular to data selling. Millions of people in the world uses free VPN s like these. Which means millions of users already in a risk.

If you wanna know whether the free VPN that you use share your data, please read their privacy policy. Using free VPN is best for your pocket but not for your safety. Free VPN takes a important place in success of Xbox Game Streaming.

HDMI cables

HDMI cable are important to success of Xbox Game Streaming . It is a common way to connect smart devices to a TV, computer monitor, laptop, an game console. There are three types of HDMI cables based on HDMI version and bandwidth, they are Standard, High speed, Ultra high speed. Each type has its subcategories.

Standard HDMI cable

This is the most basic cable and it has 5Gbps bandwidth that support 1080 or 720p resolution. It does not transmit 4K and later resolutions, 30Hz refresh rate. It suits for the satellite TVs, DVD players, and screen projects. HDMI version is 1.0 to 1.2a.
here are two sub categories.

  • Standard with ethernet
  • Standard automotive

High speed HDMI cable

It is designed for transmit 1080p, 4K at 30HZ and 3D signals. The optimized HDMI version is 1.3a to 1.4a. It has 10.2Gbps bandwidth also. There are two sub categories. They are,

  • High speed with ethernet
  • High speed automotive

Premium high speed

It offers a bandwidth of up to 18Gbps and this type of HDMI cable optimized for version of 2.0,2.0a, 2.0b. And also it supports HDR and $K at 60 Hz and expanded color spaces. It is a good choice for design new software and PC games.

Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

This type is designed for support 8K at 60HZ and 4K at 120Hz up to 48Gbps of bandwidth. Ultra high HDMI support HDMI 2.1a. There are few types of HDMI connector types. They are

  • HDMI Type A (standard HDMI)
  • HDMI Type B (Dual link)
  • HDMI Type C (mini HDMI)
  • HDMI Type D(micro HDMI)
  • HDMI Type E(Automotive)


What is NFTs?

Digital media can be easily reproduces and distributed. however, try to make an honest copy of the Mona Lisa down the original strokes and paper. Think of NFTs as irreproducible digital work of art. These are properties that can not be copied or replaced at all.

Of course, the media themselves can be copied and posted on someone’s social network, but the buyer still remains ownership of the NFT. Pressing Ctrl + C on an NFT and viewing it is like taking a picture of a work of art and hanging it on the wall as long as the owner has the original.


Types of NFTs

There are some common NFTs that on market given below.

  • Art
  • Music
  • Video game items
  • Trading cards
  • Big sports moments
  • Memes
  • Domain names
  • Virtual fashion
  • Miscellaneous online items

When the time goes, the list grows as well. NFTs are doing great work for success of Xbox Game Streaming.

Frequently asked Question

How to make my app access my Xbox?

After you download the app onto your android device, go through the set up guide. And need to make sure that your Xbox is set to instant on or not. Then you would be able to set it up. Please go through what the app says and next instant on in yourXxbox power settings.

How to use Xbox game streaming in the Xbox console companion app on windows 10?

For Xbox one generation consoles you can use the Xbox Console app for game streaming to a Windows device. For Xbox series X/S consoles you have to use Xbox app in your PC. Then you would able to stream your games in the Xbox console app on windows 10. for more details visit

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