Move Epic Games Titles to Another Computer Location

Move Epic Games Titles to Another Computer Location

The easiness of the Epic Games Launcher has known only the gamers who try to locate the game in another drive. Actually, what is Epic Games Launcher, and how does it help the gamers? Here is the article for you ‘Move Epic Games Titles to Another Computer Location’.

Let us go for a simple instance. Imagine that you have already downloaded a game that has 90 GB from Epic Games Store. Unluckily, you have downloaded it to the wrong location. Do you try to download the same game once again? For sure, it will quite be embarrassing to stay about hours until it ends. Moreover, you have to waste the data and time also for a useless task. What about if you can just move the files to the correct location? Yes, you can. Epic Games Launcher will support you to avoid difficulty very quickly. We will move on to the way it works.

Why Move Installed Games to Another Drive?

Actually, there may be several reasons to move the Epic Games to another space on your device. Sometimes, you may restore the storage drive and need to move the data when the update is available. If not, you may need to transfer the gaming files from the hard drive to SSD. Definitely, it will boost up the performances in your device plus the game.

Imagine, if you locate the gaming files to the wrong space, then, just seek help from Epic Games Launcher and it will restore the gaming files in the correct path. For sure, it seems quite easy and handy whenever you get into trouble.

Moving Epic Games Titles to a Different Location

Actually, there is not a specific way to transfer the game’s files in between drives. But you have similar options to perform instead of the very option. Here are the steps that you can follow to move forward.

First, go to the location where the game is installed. The normal path would be C:\Program Files\Epic Games. Now, move the folder to another place where you need to take it.

move the files

You may have seen the list of games that are downloaded to your device. Here, Epic Games will erase from the very list. Navigate the Epic Games Launcher and go to the library tab to identify the games that can be visible. Tap on the game card. Then, the game will download to the device. Then, Epic Games Launcher asks the location in the device just to install the game. Simply, you need to choose the folder to which you need to store the files that consist of the game. Later you may see that progress bar which shows the downloading process reaches and pause it when levels up to 3% or 4%. Go to the taskbar and stop the Epic Games Launcher. Tap on EXIT when you are notified to cancel the downloads that are activated.

installing in a new location

Next step, you need to copy the game files that are backed up and transfer them to the new location where you installed the game recently. Navigate Epic Games Launcher and resume the game to download. As the upcoming step, Epic Games Launcher will focus on the copied game files to make ensure. Added to it, new files will settle with them if there is.

Soon after the files are verified, Epic Games Launcher will include the moving game to the game list on the PC. Simply, you get in touch with the method to ‘Move Epic Games Titles to Another Computer Location’.

Managing Games Using Epic Games Launcher

The gamers who keenly await to make their PC organized to get into trouble when the default location of the downloads is spread hither and thither. No more, no worries! if you settle with Epic Games Launcher. That is because it helps to locate in the proper space from the wrong path. By the way, if you do not have a kind of pleasure in video games, then, Epic Games Launcher stands as your friend. Do you know why it is so? Every week, Epic Games Store lets the users give the video games away. But do you know the condition that applies to the case? It is just to have your account in Epic Games under the registration.

Leisurely surf the Epic Games Launcher and enjoy!

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