Microsoft Flight Simulator can now be played on your smartphone

Microsoft Flight Simulator

You wouldn’t download an airplane, but you can certainly fly one using the internet. Microsoft Flight Simulator has been upgraded to cloud streaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, allowing it to be played on a wide range of devices with displays and internet access. It’s definitely worth a shot.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a love letter to aviation aficionados as well as everyone who appreciates shooting postcard-worthy images of the planet, and it’s one of the finest games of 2020. It’s also a highly detailed simulation that employs real-world map data to transform your screen into flyover country – in a good way. It’s nothing short of amazing that it can now be streamed on your smartphone.

Microsoft Flight Simulator in the Cloud is just one of the new Xbox Game Pass additions this month (it’s been available for a while on Xbox Series S, Series X, and PC). A fantastic March roster on the service, including Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: TV Edition and Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, rounds out a fantastic March roster on the service, providing a diverse choice of games to play.

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