iPhone 14: Will it be Succeed?

iPhone 14

New Apple iPhone 14 will be released next week in California. Everyone is curious about it and everyone might wanna know what are the features of it?

But there are some rumors about it. It said that the notch where the selfie camera sits can be smaller than their previous version. We would be able to see always on screen technology in iPhone 14. It will also consist with new camera improvements. 5G wireless technology was introduced in two years ago and everyone is curious about this feature in new Apple iPhone 14. It will be get attraction of more customers.

Years ago everyone talked about 4G and now the topic is 5G wireless technology. It will take a most important place in this new Apple iPhone 14 as much as its battery life and storage. The features that customers consider when buying a new one is phone’s battery life and storage. Not only iPhone 14, but also other phones. But now they consider about 5G also. 4G, the current wireless standard is available since several years.

We have been waiting for years to get the experience of 5G. The carriers have spend billions of dollars into the infrastructure and airwaves to support 5G. These thigs give the better service as a result. The one of biggest boosters of 5G is the Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Firstly the technology was offered with Apple iPhone 12 in 2020. Since then Mr. Tim Cook was in the every discussion about 5G. Once he said that “5G is an accelerant” when he discussed about future prospects of Apple in July 2020. ” There is also a reason to be optimistic” He further said despite the rising inflation and a blooming recession.

Impact of iPhone technology

Every year the Apple doing a test of the iPhone’s continued popularity. It will also continue this year too. The iPhones are the company’s singular most important product which developed by Apple. In last year, Apple earns over than $191.97 billion by selling iPhones. It was more than half of its overall revenue.

The technology of iPhones is using other Apple products like Apple watch, AirPods headphones and iPad tablets. These rest of the Apple products are multibillion dollar businesses now. They also helped to increase Apple’s value more than $2.5 trillion. When the company firstly introduced their device 15 years ago, The companies wall street value was $60.7 billion.

In today, Apple is one of most valued company in the world among other business like oil giant Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Alphabet (google), Amazon and Electric car maker Tesla.

iPhone 14

The big picture of iPhone

The iPhone’s success be a bellwether for the for the larger economy. But it wont be the measure of sales that Apples has done. The 5G technology will be the Apples’s key to success in the future to navigate the economy.

About 1 billion people using iPhone worldwide. According to the Wedbush Securities estimates, among them about 240 million of users have not upgraded in the past three and a half years. And also they are not running on 5G . Wireless carries pack on perks like free subscription movie and TV services will improve the users to upgrade their iPhones.

“5G will continue to remain Apple’s unique advantage” Wedbush said. And also they further said that ” The stickiness of the iPhone upgrade cycle is still underestimated.

5G wireless technology

If you are thinking 5G wireless technology is available since Apple introduced their first 5G capable iPhone in 2020, you are wrong. The 5G wireless networks are available before then. According to the Deloitte survey, Many people don’t wanna buy new non 5G phones. 73% of people have said that they want a better understanding what 5G offers. 30% of people said that they disappointed about the previous lack of the innovative apps and services which leverage 5G.

Carries began to promote 5G few years ago. At that time they talked about next generation wireless technology which could user in a new sci-fi-device-laden future. They purpose is to make 5G showed up everywhere, like self driving cars, remote medical care, and smart cities. As they promised, 5G gave higher speed and increased reliability.

5G wireless network will make people to turned off older 3G service and push 4G users to upgrade to 5G. There is economically uncertainly. There fore people might think carefully to buy devices. Sometimes they might not update them for years.

iPhone 14

Maribel Lopez, the longtime industry watcher and head of the Lopez Research said that if people are going to buy new iPhone they will definitely buy a one with good features and at a certain price point. She further said that people definitely have to make a serious choice when they are looking at 30% of increases in food costs and doubled gasoline prices. She further said that no one would buy a 4G phone today unless they need a value phone.

People are curious about new iPhone 14. But it does not mean it will be a hit with or without an unfolding economic catastrophe happening around the world.

New features in iPhone 14

Apple’s developers are working hard to offer software update in its IOS 16 software update such as a new widgets to add info to the lock screen, heightened security and un do send in mail. There are also some rumors about iPhone 14 feature. It said that they gonna introduced always on display. This will allow iPhone 14 to show limited information on the screen even it is turned off.

They also gonna to introduce satellite texting feature. It will come if you are stranded on a desert highway or in the middle of the ocean. These features are useful many people. But it might be not useful for some and they would feel those are unnecessary features.

Carolina Milanesi, who is a creative strategies analysist said that Apple had to be careful to introduce features which matter to premium purchasers and early first adopters. She further said that no one can leave that high end user feeling to left or forgotten.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors will iPhone 14 Pro Max come in?

iPhone 14 Pro Max come with few color codes. They are Graphite, Silver, Gold, Purple, and Dark Blue, Green . The purple color iPhone 14 probably be a darker shade and changing with light. Green and dark blue color iPhones can be possible. But it is not sure. Because the are not confirmed yet.

Is Apple releasing a new iPhone in 2022?

With the iPhone 13 Pro lineup, we can expect a 6.1-inch “iPhone 14 Pro” and a 6.7-inch “iPhone 14 Pro Max” in 2022. There can be some major design differences between the iPhone 14 Pro models and the standard iPhone 14 models. That because of Apple is introducing changes to the Face ID camera.

How much will the 14 Pro Max cost?

There are iPhone 14 rumored US pricing. But it is not confirmed yet. 128GB of iPhone 14 will be $799 and 256 GB will be $899. 128GB of iPhone 14 Max will be $899 and 256 GB will be $999. iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB, will be a price between $999-$1,099 and 256 GB will be between $999-$1,099. iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB, will be a price between $1,099-$1,199 and 256 GB will be between $1,199-$1,299 .

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