How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Open Extensions in Browsers.

Open extensions with a Keyboard Shortcut

If you are a regular user of browser extensions then knowing to use keyboard shortcuts will come in handy. This post will walk you through the steps to set up a keyboard shortcut to open browser extensions.

There are a large number of browser extensions out there. The number of browser extensions you use may vary based on your purpose of surfing the net. Using too many extensions means you surely have a load of extensions stuffed in your browser’s toolbar.

If you are thinking of a way to use your extensions without rummaging through your extensions menu every time you want to, using a keyboard shortcut would be an easier and more efficient way. We will walk you through some tips for setting up keyboard shortcuts for your browser extensions in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Brave.

Setting Keyboard Shortcut for Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers among all. Therefore, let us first look into how to open extensions with a keyboard shortcut in Chrome.

The advantage of adding a keyboard shortcut to Chrome is that there’s no need to download or install a third-party application for this purpose. This feature is readily available as one of the built-in features of the browser.

To set up keyboard shortcuts for your extensions in Chrome, follow the below steps respectively:

  1. Click the three dots in the browser’s top-right corner.
  2. Open Extensions from the More tools list.
  3. From the top-left corner, click the three-line menu.
  4. Select Keyboard Shortcuts.
  5. From the extensions, click the Edit icon.
  6. Enter the key combination that opens the extension in the Type a shortcut field.

Always remember that the key combination should include either the Ctrl or Alt key. If the same extension is installed on multiple browsers, then you can use the same keyboard shortcut. This way, it will reduce confusion.

Open extensions with a Keyboard Shortcut

You can browse for Google Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Setting Keyboard Shortcut for Firefox Extensions

Mozilla Firefox is the next most popular browser after Google Chrome. You won’t need to install a third-party app when setting up a keyboard shortcut in Firefox as well.

To set up keyboard shortcuts for your extensions in Firefox, follow the below steps in order:

  1. Go to about: preferences.
  2. Open Extensions & Themes in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click the Settings icon at the top of the page.
  4. Select Manage Extension Shortcut in Settings.
  5. Enter a shortcut key combination.

Similar to Chrome, the key combination of the shortcut in Firefox should include either the Ctrl or Alt key as well. When setting a new keyboard shortcut, Firefox will check and inform you whether the shortcut is already being used in another browser extension.

Setting Keyboard Shortcut for Edge Extensions

Microsoft Edge is officially the recommended browser for Windows 11. It does not mean that you cannot use Edge unless you have upgraded to Windows 11. Microsoft Edge has come forward among browsers in the past few years. If you are using Edge as your default browser, then you should know that you can add extensions to Edge as well.

To further customize your performance, you can add keyboard shortcuts to easily handle the browser extensions.

To add keyboard shortcuts for extensions in Edge, go through the following steps in order:

  1. Click Extensions from the browser’s toolbar.
  2. Select Manage extension.
  3. Then, click Keyboard Shortcuts.
  4. Set a new keyboard shortcut by typing a key combination on the Type a shortcut field next to each extension.
  5. You can click X to remove a shortcut.
Open extensions with a Keyboard Shortcut

Unlike Firefox, Edge will not let you know even if you repeat the same keyboard combination for two extensions.

Setting Keyboard Shortcut for Brave Extensions

Brave browser is well-known for its privacy-focused build-up. In addition, it also has the Brave Rewards system and video call feature. You can also add extensions to the browser similar to previously discussed browsers. To further customize your browser experience, you can open extensions with a keyboard shortcut in simple steps.

To add keyboard shortcuts to extensions in the Brave Browser, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to brave://settings.
  2. Select Extensions from the menu in the left pane.
  3. Scroll down and click Keyboard Shortcuts.
  4. Click the Edit icon and give the key combination for the shortcut.

Remember to include either the Ctrl or Alt key in the keyboard combination for the shortcuts. Some extensions like MetaMask might come with a default keyboard shortcut. However, you can edit these shortcuts based on your choice too.

Open extensions with a Keyboard Shortcut

Customize and Maintain you Browser Extensions.

We tend to add extensions as soon as we think that they might come in handy in future. But some of them might be left unused for a long period. In addition to increasing your browsing experience by adding extensions and shortcuts, make sure you check in on your already installed extensions and remove the ones you no longer require or might be unsafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are browser extensions?

A browser extension is a software plugin in a browser which performs various filters and changes the ways in which the users can interact with different websites and pages.

Where can I get Chrome extensions from?

To choose and add extensions to your Chrome browser, you’ll need to visit the Chrome Web Store.

You can visit the Chrome Web Store from here.

Where can I get Firefox extensions from?

To choose and add extensions to your Firefox browser, you’ll need to visit the Firefox Add-ons. You can choose your favorite extensions and preferred themes for your Firefox browser from here.

Where can I get Edge extensions from?

To add extensions to your Microsoft Edge browser, you should visit the Microsoft Edge Addons site. You can find your desired extension from here and add them to the browser.

You can visit the Edge Addons from here.

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