How to Switch Your Apple TV+ Subscription to Annual (And Save Money)

How to Switch Your Apple TV+

You can subscribe to Apple TV+ monthly or annually—the latter saves you money! Here’s how to have your subscription upgraded. (Switch Your Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ has found its groove after a sluggish start. Foundation, Mythic Quest, and Dickinson are just a few of the amazing and distinctive shows available on the streaming service.

If you’re a monthly Apple TV+ customer or nearing the end of your free trial, you should think about upgrading to an annual subscription. It will take more time, but you will save money.

Here’s how to go from a monthly to an annual Apple TV+ subscription.

Change Your Apple TV+ Subscription

A monthly subscription to Apple TV+ costs $4.99, while an annual subscription costs $49.99. This equals a $10 savings; essentially, you get two months free.

An yearly subscription has the downside of committing you for a whole year. It restricts your ability to switch between different streaming services.

When you upgrade from a monthly to an annual Apple TV+ subscription, your new subscription will begin when your existing one expires. This means you won’t lose any of the time you’ve already paid for.

How to Use the Web to Manage Your Subscription

You can manage your Apple TV+ subscription from the web, no matter where you watch it.

  1. Navigate to the Apple TV+ website.
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner and enter your Apple ID information.
  3. In the top-right corner, click the profile symbol.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Click Manage in the Subscriptions section.
  6. Choose Apple TV (Annual).
  7. Next, click the button.
  8. The subscription terms will be displayed. Click Confirm if you agree.

How to Use Other Devices to Manage Your Apple TV+ Subscription

You can also alter your subscription type if you watch Apple TV+ on a smart TV, game console, or other device.

  1. Navigate to the settings cog from the top menu.
  2. Accounts should be selected.
  3. Choose Manage Subscriptions.
  4. Select Apple TV+ (Apple TV Channel).
  5. Choose Apple TV+ 1 Year.
  6. The subscription terms will be displayed. If you agree, click the Confirm button.

Apple TV+ has a lot to offer

There are numerous compelling reasons to subscribe to Apple TV+. It supports a wide range of devices, allows for offline viewing, has no advertisements, and is reasonably priced—and even more so with an annual membership.

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