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How to Know If Your Instagram Account Got Banned

How to Know If Your Instagram Account Got Banned

Do you want to know whether your Instagram account has been banned? Here’s how you can tell and what you can do about it.

Instagram and many other social networking sites adhere to strict user policy requirements in order to protect their users from inappropriate content and unpleasant situations.

As a result, seemingly innocuous behaviours may result in your a ban on the account

So, how can you know if your Instagram banned or not? And what can you do to reclaim it? Here’s everything you need to know…

Is Instagram Account blocking you?

Instagram account

If your account banned from Instagram, you should receive a notification informing you that your Instagram deactivated when you attempt to log in.

If you cannot enter Instagram and log in to see when your account blocked, you can request that your friends look up your account.

They must utilise the app’s magnifying glass to enter your Instagram username. If your account does not appear. It is very probable that it has been banned.

How to Check the Status of Your Instagram Account

Instagram lets you check your account status to determine whether you’ve posted anything that violates their Community Guidelines.

From this point, you can:

  • Check to see if anything you submitted ,that are deleting due to Community Guidelines.
  • Discover why your material getting delete.
  • If you believe Instagram made a mistake, request a review of the removal.

Keep in mind that if you violate the Community Guidelines, Instagram has the right to terminate your account. May receive a warning before your account is deleted, but if what you shared presents a risk to the community. Instagram will deactivate your account without notice.

What Happened to My Account?

Here are a few reasons: why your Instagram account disabled,

  • You are under the age of 13.
  • You’ve submitted semi-naked, naked, pornographic, or copyrighted stuff.
  • You used Instagram in an illicit or unauthorised manner. This involves changing, hacking, or customising Instagram.
  • You have threatened, harassed, or impersonated other Instagram users.
  • You’ve utilised bots or paid to increase your following.

There are more reasons why an Instagram may be banned. And you can read about them on Instagram’s official Terms of Use and Community Guidelines pages.

Instagram account

If your account shadowbanned on Instagram, your account or postings may restricted or have their reach reduced in some situations.

How to Unbanned from Instagram

If you believe your account was suspended or banned in error. There are steps you may take to reclaim it. You may file an appeal using the Instagram app.

Open Instagram, input your login information, and you should get a notification informing you that your account blocked.

If you don’t see the notice, go to Instagram’s Help Center. You may also reach out to support via the app.

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the three-line menu symbol.
  3. Go to Settings > Help and select one of the alternatives.

That being said, if your Instagram is destroyed, it cannot be restored. As a result, be cautious about who you disclose your passwords with.

It’s not impossible to have your account unbanned.

If you haven’t broken any Instagram rules, your account may have been suspended or banned by mistake. Because your account by following the procedures outlined above, You can unban.

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