How to Give Your Android 12 Screen a Makeover with Repainter

How to make amazing widgets and wallpapers in your Android 12

Paint the most personal Operation System ever with your favourite colours!

How to Give Your Android 12 Screen a Makeover with Repainter
Android 12 Screen makeover with Repainter

Android 12 offers even more private, unique features with an advanced security system on your smartphone. A fully updated user interface (UI) is created just for you to get an effortless experience. 

Ever thought of customizing your phone uniquely?

‘Material You’ is for you!

Back to the inevitable headline of UI: ‘Material You’ design language consists of Android 12’s all customization tools and features. Since brilliant home screen wallpapers are the basis of it, ‘Material You’ doesn’t require a certain kind of wallpaper to perform, so you can try bold or light colours as you wish. And boom! Your Android 12 looks unique and intelligent. Also, you can easily customize your phone as per your preferences and interests.

How to change your Android 12’s wallpaper?

However, if you recently switched to Android 12, you might be confused about how to optimize the dynamic theme of Material You across your operating system. Even better, you can set Android 12 to automatically update its colour palette to match the wallpaper on your phone.

It’s easy to find customization options in ‘Material You.’

Let me walk you through the settings to help you achieve that perfect customized appearance. Here’s the path to changing your wallpaper.

Steps to set up Material You in Android 12
Material You in Android 12

Try primary colours first. Then you’ll find a standard colour palette filled with a wide variety. Also, several other methods exist to customize Android 12’s appearance from the same screen.

Familiar with Repainter?

Repainter works effectively without root access on Samsung phones. Also, it offers some features on Pixel phones without any root access. Still curious? For further information, check the app listing. You now have better control over how the Android 12 interface looks after the repainter took out of beta.

Do you know the best thing about Repainter?

Repainter in Android 12: How to Install and Use?

Install repainter on your handset. Then the number of available customization options increases. But the settings will vary according to the phone’s make and model. Sometimes, if the phone is not rooted, you will be asked to install a separate app ( Shizuku) to help with the theming.
The two colour options you have got are, Wallpaper and Custom. In both of them, there are many colour palettes to pick, with repainter. According to your selection, the colour of the interface will adjust. If you are satisfied with what you have done, tap Done.

Colour options for theming in Material You: Android 12
Theming colour options introduced in Android 12

Repainter via David Nield

After hitting on ‘Done,‘ you will see the repainter main screen. You have the standard colour palate selected from the Colours tab. Since Repainter has many ways of working, hit the Settings button and adjust how you like to operate it. You already know the individual widgets on your home screen. Did you all know that you can select different colours for them? It all cost one tap. Adjust the colour brightness as you prefer. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up Repainter with root access?
  • Tap Start after starting the Repainter app.
  • When designing custom themes, choose the Root mode from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Grant in the Superuser Request pop up to allow root access.
  • To go to the main Repainter screen, click Next.
How to set up Repainter without root access?
  • Go to ‘settings’ and select ‘About Device’.
  • Tap on the builder number seven times to enable ‘Developers Option’. You can find it in the bottom of system settings.
  • In there, you will see an option called ‘DSU loader’. Hit on it and you will the available GSI .
  • Pick the GSI-bundled as your second choice. Then it will load into a dynamic partition and starting downloading Android 12 in the background.
  • Wait a while until it gets downloaded. You will get the notification after it downloads. (Size will be around 3.7GB)
What is Shizuku?

Shizuku is a vital tool that modifies several features of Android via ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands without having full root access. ADB-related tasks are typically performed on a computer, but starting with Android 11, you may use the wireless ADB functionality to do them directly on your device. To design your unique theme colors, Shizuku will connect with the Repainter software in this way.

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