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How to Change the Default Camera Option on WhatsApp Desktop

How to Change the Default Camera Option on WhatsApp Desktop

Did you know that you can customise the default camera in this app? This is how you do it.

WhatsApp Desktop lets you utilize the popular messaging app from your computer or laptop. Instead of picking up the phone to respond to messages, you may do it from your computer. Furthermore, the WhatsApp Desktop program allows you to initiate and receive audio and video conversations, making it a great addition to any PC.

Even better, you can change the default camera within WhatsApp Desktop, allowing you to switch between webcams, camera programs, and other options that the WtsApp smartphone app does not allow.

How to Change WhatsApp Desktop’s Default Webcam

First and foremost, you must download and install WhatsApp on your computer. This desktop, like the smartphone software, is free to use and available for Windows or macOS.

WhatsApp Desktop for Windows or macOS is available for download (Free)

Following installation, you must sync WhatsApp on your smartphone and PC. You may alter the WhatsApp Desktop video settings once everything is synchronised and ready to go. To alter the default video settings on WhatsApp Desktop, you must first initiate a call with someone. Unfortunately, there is no way to modify the selection without making a phone call, which appears to be a mistake.

  1. To modify your default WhatsApp Desktop video app choices, start a video conversation with someone who won’t mind you messing with settings while you talk.
  2. Then, while the video call is still active, pick the three-dot options menu to open a dropdown choices list. You may adjust the WhatsApp Desktop video choice, as well as the audio input and output, from here.
  3. Choose the one that will be your default WhatsApp video call input.
  4. You may also modify your default audio settings while you’re here.
WhatsApp Desktop
WhatsApp Desktop

That’s the end of it. You’ll have to make another call to alter your settings if you wish to switch between video inputs. It’s inconvenient to have to make a video call to alter settings, so perhaps Meta (WhatsApp’s parent company) will replace this capability soon.

In the screenshots above, I’m using the ManyCam desktop programme to stream a different video source on the WtsApp call, which is one method for making a false video call using WtsApp.

Changing the Default WhatsApp Camera Option Is Only Available on the Desktop

The WhatsApp camera feature is now only accessible in this app. However, individuals hoping for this capability to be added to the smartphone app will have to wait a long time. Since doing so poses a security risk, WhatsApp is unlikely to ever enable users to adjust the camera settings for the smartphone app.

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