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Govee Neon Rope Light

Govee Neon Rope Light

Govee Neon Rope Light Review: This Is What Your Room Needs!

The Govee Neon Rope light can provide a beautifully unique center lighting element at an affordable price.

Neon lights, with a single motif to depict a brand, signage, or just a simple bit of line art, are the most emotive of all lighting alternatives. However, the trouble with true neon lights is that they’re made of glass, are quite brittle, and are prohibitively expensive if you want a personalized design or something large. However, due to Govee, you can achieve the same appearance as custom-designed neon lights for a fraction of the cost, and with sophisticated Wi-Fi control to boot. Oh, yes.

Unwrapping and Arranging Your Design

Govee Neon Rope Light (model number H61A0) light only the front panel of it . It is a single three-meter long strip totally enclosed in flexible white silicon. It includes a two-meter simple white power cable as well.

The Govee Neon Rope Light is easier to install than I anticipated, but it does require more forethought. I’d suggest sketching out your design on the floor to get a sense of scale, but if your design includes any severe bends, you’ll have to picture that part (or weigh bits down with a heavy book).

Before affixing everything to the wall, make sure the rope is plugged in and turned on. The rope light comes with an inbuilt control that can switch it on and off, cycle through basic colors, and even respond to music. However, you should download the Govee app and link the rope light to your house Wi-Fi for the most variety of ambient lighting settings.

Open the app, add a new device, search for “neon,” and your rope light should be found through Bluetooth. It was simple to connect the strip to Wi-Fi. Despite the fact that the program specifies 2.4GHz, it functioned flawlessly on my dual-band network right close to the access point. Later, we’ll go over the app’s features in further detail.

Attaching the Rope Light to a Wall

Let’s move on to the final installation, if all goes well. While we chose to hang it on a wall, there’s nothing stopping you from mounting it on a ceiling or a tabletop, for example. However, because it isn’t approved for outdoor use, you’ll need a secondary flat surface to attach it to before placing it inside a window if you want it to be seen from the outside.

I expected to have to gently peel the sticky back off from three meters of LED strip and attach every inch. Instead, you’ll receive a set of 10 adhesive clips with which to secure the rope light. This allows you to create attractive flowing curves with minimal effort and make minor tweaks later. You can’t have any extremely abrupt bends, though; everything must have a nice curve.

You’ll also get a set of IPA cleaning pads to clean the wall area where the clips will install. You also have a set of little screws in case that isn’t enough to get them to stick correctly. I didn’t need either because the natural chalk paint in our bedroom seemed to stick to the 3M sticky pads nicely.

However, because you only have ten clips, you must carefully determine where to place them. A lot of your design will be freeform dangling. We utilized clips at the beginning, end, either side of the V plunge of the heart shapes, close to the crossover points, and the last two clips where we believed it needed to be push or tug a little for our selected motif of two hearts. The finished outcome is much better than if we had tried to adhere every single light to the wall, and it has a really freeform feel.

Of course, like ours, your design can cross the strip itself, though it will not flush with the wall. It didn’t have to be completely flush because it hid behind the four-poster bed’s headboard. You might want to avoid any crossings if you’re putting this in a corridor.

The Govee App and Its Consequences

The Govee Neon Rope Light may controll using the Govee app, which is the same for all Govee items, or with Google or Alexa smart assistants. Bluetooth in the app allows you more customizable control and design possibilities at close range, whilst Wi-Fi only gives you a selection of pre-made sceneries. You can even control it remotely from outside your home if you link this to Wi-Fi, though I’m not sure why you’d want to do that.

Over time, the scene selection has improved. I’ve been utilizing Govee lighting goods for a while now. And my collection has grown to be pretty broad and odd. You have to bind to find anything you like or fully alter what’s already there whether it’s a color-shifting aurora, flashing police lights, or a cozy fireside flicker.

Alternatively, you can start from scratch and design your own scenarios. It can be static (by assigning a color to each rope section) or dynamic (by customizing the effect, colors, and speed, for example). This also applies to sound reactive modes.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that these unique designs and dynamic settings aren’t saved to the light. The light will reset to a default setting if the power is lost (standby is fine). And you’ll need to use the Govee app to revive your own custom design or preferred scenario. Because it can only cycle through a tiny number of predefined color and music reactive modes, using the inline remote will overwrite your creative scene.

The Govee Neon Rope Light has minimal Alexa and Google Home connection, but that’s all it is. You can tweak the device’s brightness, change the static color, or turn it on and off. Unfortunately, there is no specified scenes to define, and Apple HomeKit is not supporting.

What Was It About the Govee Neon Rope Light That We Fell in Love With?

The whole result is stunning, with rich hues that brighten the entire area and a genuinely personalized design. The Govee Neon Rope Light is an appealing choice if you want a single centerpiece of lighting in your room.

Finally, we decided on a “romantic” blend of pink, red, and purple, or a night scene with a lovely retro-wave style fade between blue and pink. It’s also worth noting that it can grow quite bright. One of the few smart LED devices I’ve had to adjust to 50% brightness is this one.

What Isn’t So Excellent?

The LED strip split into control portions of three or four LEDs, rather than individual pixels, if I had one issue about the effects on the Govee Neon Rope light. When employed as a centerpiece, this might result in blocky transitions, which are more obvious than background or ambient lighting. As a result, some of the effects are unsuitable for use with a rope light.

However, given that the software is common throughout the whole Govee product line, this is understandable; not all effects will work effectively for all goods. So although some effects may disappoint you, you’re sure to find others that are equally as good. Even if an expensive glass neon tube only offers one color, it’s still a significant improvement!

Is the Govee Neon Rope Light Worth Buying?

The Govee Neon Rope lamp can provide a wonderfully distinctive central lighting feature. It is for student digs, living room parties, your man-cave / she-shed, home bar, or even companies.
And the price is ideal at $70.

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