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Google Home vs. Nest vs. Assistant

Google Home vs. Nest vs. Assistant

What Are the Differences Between Google Home, Nest, and Assistant?

We’re here to discuss Google’s smart home ecosystem in more detail.

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, and Google offers some of the greatest solutions available. Despite this, there is still a lot of ambiguity about what each component of Google’s connected home ecosystem performs.

Despite significant overlap in some areas, Google Home, Nest, and Assistant are all distinct entities. So, if you’ve ever been confused by the differences between the three, don’t worry—not it’s as difficult as it may appear.

What Exactly Is Google Home?

The first Google Home was released in 2016. This Google Home is a cylindrical smart speaker, but Google has launched other Google Home devices in a variety of forms and sizes over time.

These Google Home gadgets are made to respond to voice instructions from users. Users can listen to and manage music and video playing, as well as receive news updates and other information.

Google Home is also a hub for home automation, which is useful. This means it can communicate with and control other smart devices, like as smart lights and appliances, using only your voice.

Google Nest has taken the place of Google Home. However, this does not imply that the name has vanished completely.

In reality, Google’s smart home control software is still known as Google Home. If you wish to manage, control, or set up any Google smart device, you’ll need the Google Home app for iOS or Android.

What Is Google Nest?

The Google Home line of devices was renamed Google Nest in 2019. Google Nest devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the Google Nest Hub, which is the most popular, has a 7-inch touchscreen sitting atop a speaker.

The Google Nest range of devices can perform all of the functions that the Google Home could. They reply to human questions and directions, and they can also play music and video.

The inclusion of screens to most Google Nest devices is the most significant modification from the Google Home range of devices. Users can use the touchscreen to interact with the smart speaker on this screen. Video calls and security camera functions are also available in versions with a camera.

What Is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant created by Google to assist in the operation of all of the company’s smart home products. It’s also available on Google’s mobile devices.

Google Assistant answers when you speak to a Google smart home device or the assistant on your Google phone.

Google Assistant, which is powered by artificial intelligence, can do a wide range of tasks. Two-way conversations are included, but not limited to.

Google Assistant, for example, can send text messages and conduct online searches. It’s also integrated with a number of Google services, like Google Photos, and can be used to set alerts and events, among other things.

There’s no need to refer to Google Assistant directly because you’ll be using it automatically whenever you access a Google smart home device. Regardless, knowing who you’re speaking with is beneficial.

Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

Despite their strange nomenclature, Google provides a lot of smart home options. Hopefully, now that you know the differences between each of these components of Google’s ecosystem, you’ll be better prepared to jump in.

Smart speakers, on the other hand, are merely the beginning. There are a plethora of methods to make your home smart and improve your quality of life.

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