Features of Augment Steam

Features of Augment Steam

Extend your Steam experience with Augmented Steam, a browser plugin that adds incredibly useful features to Valve’s game client. Then you will be known why Augmented Steam Important and the features of Augment steam. Keep reading to know more.

Features of Augment Steam

What is Augmented Steam?

Augmented Steam is a browser extension that enhances browsing and shopping on Steam. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge for free. The project is an open source fork of Enhanced Steam that currently no longer exists – think of Augmented Steam as a spiritual successor.

Steam Enhanced has a lot of great features that change the Steam store in many ways: listing historical prices, highlighting games from the wish list in search results, adding additional browsing filters, and more. We’ll detail how enhanced Steam can improve your Steam experience.

How to download Augmented Steam?

To get the browser plug-in, go to the Augmented Steam website, which lists the appropriate download sites for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You can also find links to the Discord community and the GitHub project.

Features of Augment Steam

Once installed, you can open the Augmented Steam settings from your browser’s plugins page. This is where you can enable or disable all features, which means you can customize the Steam advanced interface exactly the way you want. Many functions have detailed settings; For example, you can choose which stores to collect pricing information from.

Please note that augmented Steam only works when browsing the Steam store in your browser, not through the Steam client.

01.View historical prices

Features of Augment Steam

Steam (and PC games in general) is sales. Games are regularly cut. If you’re willing to be patient and not buy the game on release day, you can earn mega savings. But how do you know if the deal is really worth it? Now the game may cost half as much, but a few months ago it could have been even cheaper. Steam Enhanced shows the lowest game history right on the store page, so you can gauge what kind of deal you’re really getting.

Augmented Steam also lists the current lowest price across various game stores, not just Steam. It may be cheaper to buy a Steam key to play at another discounted online video game store than to buy it directly from Steam.

02. The Important DRM Warnings

Features of Augment Steam

Some games sold through Steam use persistent DRM, which means that you must maintain a constant internet connection in order to verify their authenticity. Others use third party launchers like Ubisoft Connect or Origin.

Although Steam informs you about DRM or third party launchers by default, this is hidden on the right side of the page. In enhanced Steam, the information is in bold next to the buy button so that you are aware of all DRM requirements before purchasing.

03. Additional search filters

advanced search filters

Looking for the perfect game? While Steam Search has gotten better over the years thanks to Insiders from the Steam Labs project, Augmented Steam makes it even better with more filters. This includes the ability to hide games that are already in your cart, games in Early Access, games with a negative overall rating, and more. With thousands and thousands of games being sold on Steam, you’ll be grateful for the ultimate in filtering.

04. Color code game highlighting

Color code game highlighting

To make it easier to navigate the Steam store, Augmented Steam highlights games with color. Depending on the settings you choose, it can highlight games you own, have on your wish list, have a coupon, have a gift copy, and more. You can customize what is highlighted and the color. This color code applies to all sides, eg. B. Listings, search results and product previews.

This is especially useful when browsing DLC ​​for a game, as you can instantly see what you already have and what you want. Steam Enhanced also adds the ability to add all unused DLC to your shopping cart with a single click, rather than having to navigate to individual DLC pages.

05.Skip age verification of adult content

Importance of Augmented Steam

One of the most annoying things about the Steam store is that it constantly asks for your date of birth to make sure you’re over 18 when you try to access a product marked as mature. This is stupid because you can literally put any date over 18 years old. But the worst thing is that your answer is not saved, so you have to enter your date of birth every time.

Fortunately, Augmented Steam overcomes these inconveniences. It has a feature that automatically fills in the appropriate date of birth and takes you to the product page without having to click anything. This is a big time saver.

06. Quickly sell inventory items

Quickly sell inventory items

You earn Steam Trading Cards and other inventory items by playing games or by purchasing them from the Market. When it comes to selling your inventory on the Steam marketplace, it’s fair to say that the experience isn’t perfect.

Selling individual trading cards at auction takes a long time; This usually involves checking the current market price, listing immediately below, approving the listing, and retrying. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do it all with one click?

Thanks to Augmented Steam, this is possible. It adds a button to your inventory that allows you to quickly place an item on the market. In the plugin settings, you can set the default modifier; How different is your listing from the cheapest similar offer currently available on the market? It also adds a “Sell Now” button when a buy order is listed on the market.

07. Fully customizable product pages

Fully customizable product pages

You can never have enough information about a game. Steam Enhanced allows you to add many additional data sources to your product page, such as OpenCritic Score, SteamSpy player data, and HowLongToBeat game length. You can also mute live streams, watch YouTube gameplay videos, view support information, and more.

This setting also applies to user profiles that link to services such as SteamRep, SteamDB, and SteamTrades. What’s more, Augmented Steam even lets you choose your own profile background for everyone else to see. All these features give you the answer for question why Augument steam is important.

Improve your Steam Experience

To improve your steam experience, Augmented Steam is one of the best way. Once install it and get to know experience with it. Probably you will be wonder how you ever used Steam without it. But this is not the only get more from Steam. There are more options like is ThereAnyDeal to find bargains and Depressurizer to organize your game collection which you should check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does enhanced Steam still work?

It is a browser extension which improve browsing experience and shopping experience. It is available an you can get ii for Chrome, Firefox end Edge. This is a project which is an open source fork of Enhanced steam, that is now defunct—consider Augmented Steam the spiritual successor. For more details, visit here.

Is Augmented Steam safe?

It is safe if you download the right extension. If you download the wrong extension it would be a random malware or adware. It is in official Chrome app store. Download the right extension from it and have safe experience using it.

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