Enable Resolution Mode on PS5

Enable Resolution Mode on PS5

Enable resolution mode on PS5 is essential if you gonna play your games in PS5 and if you want to get get maximum output. Keep reading this article to get an idea how you gonna do that.

Enable Resolution Mode on PS5

Choice between graphical fidelity and performance is a one of great feature in the ninth gen consoles. PS5 also has this feature. Using this facility, gamers can sacrifice graphical fidelity and resolution to get higher frame rates higher vice versa.

The graphical settings on PC is customizable and it is usually switch between two two presets but on PS5 is still not. Being able to switch between these modes is a precious feature when you want to be able to react faster with higher FPS in a shooter game or enjoy the graphics in a single player experience.

What is the resolution mode in PS5?

Resolution mode in the PS5 mainly focusses graphical fidelity more than performance and frame rate as the way the name suggest, resolution mode focusses on how higher resolution and higher graphics It runs video games at their maximum resolution which means in 4K. 4K is the often use resolution mode in PS5 games. To do that the PS5’s Resolution mode sacrifices frame rate by capping it at a lower frame rate, which is typically half the frame rate of Performance mode. This compromise allows you to experience your video games in 4K and with great effects enabled, like ray tracing.

The difference between resolution mode and performance mode depends on the game itself. In some games like Doom Eternal, Performance mode allows you to kill demons at 120 FPS, while in Resolution mode your killing is capped at 60 FPS but with flashy graphics.

Please note that Resolution Mode and Performance Mode are available for most PS5 games. This means that non-upgraded PS4 games will not be affected by this feature.

The way enable resolution mode in PS5 via settings.

You can set resolution mode as the default preference for your PS5 games through PS5 settings. In this way, the PS5 will automatically change the graphics of the game in resolution mode to give you the best possible graphics that the game can display.

Enable Resolution Mode on PS5

the steps are,

  1. Go to settings in your PS5
  2. in Settings page, next go to Saved Data and Game / App Settings and click Game Presets.
  3. Next select Performance Mode or Resolution Mode. then a list will show, which included resolution mode, performance mode and game default.
  4. select Resolution Mode

After these steps, now your PS5 automatically set eligible games to resolution mode.

Enable resolution mode in PS5 via your on Game settings

You can also set your liked mode individually for each game via the game settings. It is best way if you want to play some games in resolution mode and others in performance mode.

Enable Resolution Mode on PS5

Here are the steps,

  1. Go to settings of your video game
  2. Go to the Video / Graphics settings
  3. Change the Performance Mode to Higher Resolution or an any same setting.

The titles of settings are different from game to game. But meaning is still the same. For example, in Elden Ring, high resolution mode can be found in the game options as quality priority.

Some games also have a third option that usually turns ray tracing on and off. For example, this option is called Quality Mode in Dying Light 2, which allows you to play at 30 FPS 1080p with ray tracing enabled, or Ray Tracing Mode in Doom Eternal, which gives you 60 FPS at 1080p with ray tracing enabled.

It bears repeating that not every game played on PS5 will have different graphics modes, but most should. This is another reason why you should wait to play the PS5 version of cross-gen games

PS5s’s Incredible Graphics

Resolution mode is the mode you want if you want to experience your PS5 games at their best. Although Resolution Mode will lower the frame rate, this shouldn’t be an issue in games where fast reflections aren’t a necessity, especially if Resolution Mode still runs the game at 60fps.

Not all games support this feature, but if they do and they are meant to provide a visual experience, you should definitely play them in resolution mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Should Play PS5 Games in Resolution Mode?

Using resolution mode in PS5 there are many advantages. You can take advantages of your TV’s 4K capability. Using resolution mode you can get best graphics your PS5 can offer. When you are already used to 30FPS and get this 4K resolution you can get your gaming experience in high level.

Is performance mode better than resolution?

With some reasons, performance mode better than resolution mode. Frame rate that is target by resolution mode is30fps. But performance mode unlocks the frame rate with a cap of 60fbs.

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