Detect Installed Games on the Epic Game Launcher

Detect Installed Games

Have you ever met troubles when you are going to start installed games on the Epic Game Launcher? If you wanna know solution which means how to detect installed games on the Epic Game Launcher, then keep reading.

You have re installed the Epic Game Launcher. But you can not play games that you already installed. If you have to face such a problem, what are you gonna do? You do not have to worry anymore. Here is the solution. There is already a way to locate your games.

There is no any built option on the Epic Game Launcher to detect installed games. But with a easy and intuitive workaround, you can find the solution. let’s get get started step by step.

Step 01: Start to Download the Game in a New Directory.

Detect Installed Games

The Epic Game Launcher used for occasionally handing out free games on the Epic Store. You might think it is not useful, if the Epic Game Launcher does not display installed games in the first place. But this is a such a small problem and it can be fixed with three simple steps.
Firstly, fire up the Epic Game Launcher. Then start a fresh installation of the game that you want. But in this time, you need to select a different directory, which means inside a different partition.

Detect Installed Games

Click the game title that you want to install in the Library. A pop up prompting can be seen and set the installation directory and confirm the download.

Instead of selecting a directory where it is already installed, select a directory in a different partition. By clicking on install, you can confirm the download.

Step 02: Pause the Download then Quit the Epic Game Launcher

Detect Installed Games

In this step you need to do when the game start to download, pause it and quit out of the Epic Game Launcher. Here is the way you must do it.

  • Pause the game download. If not the Epic Game Launcher would refuse to shut down.
  • After that, click on the caret button(^).It will show the hidden icons of the running process.
  • Right click on the Epic Game Launcher and click on Exit.
  • To kill any Epic Launcher instances which are running on the background, simply use the Windows Task Manager or Activity Monitor on Mac.

Then make sure whether the Epic Game Launcher is completely shut of or not. If yes then go to final step.

Step 03:Detect Installed Games to Copy Game Files to a New Directory and Resume Installation.

copy Game Files to a New Directory and Resume Installation

This is a pretty intuitive step. After shutting down all instances of the Epic Game Launcher, start to copy the game files which is already installed into the new installation directory.

Just wait for a few seconds to resume the download process. The progress bar will shoot up to 99 percent. Then download process will be finished successfully. Now your game is ready to launch.

There Must be No More to detect installed games on the Epic Game Launcher Anymore

Now you can play your Epic Games without having any problem. If you have to face this kind of problem in the future, you already know how to fix it in simple three steps. When you are going to play in the Epic Game Launcher next time, it will help you.

When platform like the Epic Game Launcher is tricky to use, you can fix it with some fast few steps such as relocation your Epic Game titles to a new directory instead of refreshing download as we previously learnt.

Editor’s recommended; Move Epic Games Titles to Another Computer Location

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I share my epic games with other users?

To to that you must need to registered user in order to share your epic games with other users. you can do it easily by visiting epic games store website. Create an account and sign into your account with a link to share your library. Visit here to get more details How Can I Share My Epic Games Library With Other Users?

How do I install a game using the Epic Games Launcher?

Firstly go to the epic game launcher and open library. Next Locate the game you wish to install and click on it to start the install process. Select the installation directory that you want to use and then click on Install. Then wait for the download to complete and then you can launch the game by just clicking on the icon. here’s the all you need to do. Visiting here you can get more details.

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