Apple Watch SE 2 is Coming with the iPhone 14

Apple watch SE 2

This year’s the Apple’s biggest event is about to come. It will be held on September 7. New Apple iPhone 14 family is being released on that event. There are some sings that Apple is going to introduce their new Apple watch SE 2 on that premier event with iPhone 14.

Apple watch SE 2

We haven’t seen Apple’s comprehensive refresh recently. The one of big event in 2022 is on our doorstep. Everyone was expecting the new Apple watch SE will introduce alongside with Apple iPhone 14. We also have got some arguments why Apple watch series 8 likely to lunch on that event. But the CEO of Apple didn’t drop about Apple watch SE 2.

Analysts reckon it’s likely

Apple has already said their new lunch is going to happen on 7th of September. Min Chi Kuo, one of the more prolific and reliable Apple analysts said that Apple is going to launch their Apple watch SE 2 in this year. He said that short after release of Apple watch series 7, earl as December 2021.

Another person who claimed about this is the Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. He also said the Apple watch 8 series will e launch alongside with the Apple iPhone 14.

It mirrors the release cycle of the original Apple watch SE

Apple announced the iPhone SE in this year. iPhone SE and Apple watch SE both announced together in 2020. It seems that apple renew their watch and phone SE every two years. If this circle is right, Apple needs to launch Apple watch SE 2 in this year.


The Apple watch SE’s processor is getting old.

The current Apple watch SE run Apple’s S5 processor and it is now three years older. It was old than we expected. Apple cannot discontinue to support that the 2019 model because this processor is not bumped off yet.

Apple can upgrade their S5 processor to current gen S8 processor with Apple watch SE 2 . If Apple do so, they can stop selling original Apple watch SE. And also there is no need to continue providing support to older S5 chipset.

Apple usually discontinue their models packing earlier chipsets. For an example, Apple still sell the Apple watch series 3 and it has confirmed it will not get the forthcoming watch OS 9 update. Its better to Apple if they can get the older older S5 powered watches off shelves.

Apple watch SE 2

SE 2 will allows Apple to address the cost of living

Global economy is having bad time recently. There are lot of problems. Cost of producing electronics is increasing, for the last years chip shortage, dramatic increases in the cost of energy, shipping container calamity and so on.

SE series is more affordable tech in these days. But the price of watch SE2 would be more than price of watch SE. This price increase is need for make the watch SE 2 visible over its lifespan. But if it comes with a adorable price, it will provide an opportunity to Apple to get its technology to the consumers on tight budgets.

Producing new technology is costly. Tooling alone is expensive that it. But Apple does not need to add a new technology for watch SE2. As an example, Apple may need to implement SpO2 reading, but it would simply rely on the updated HR sensor array. Apple also has technology in current watches. Include that technology to a new model makes for a cheaper watch than make one with new technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cool things can Apple Watch SE do?

Apple watch SE have Safety features like fall detection,13 Emergency SOS, and high and low heart rate notifications. These all features make Apple Watch great for older family members, even if they don’t have an iPhone. There are many feature that helps to stay connected with the family like calling, texting, and location sharing.

How long will the Apple Watch SE be supported?

It will be supported for another generation of watchOS. Its software support up to 5 years. There fore most Apple Watch models will now receive at least 5 years of software updates.

Do all Apple watches have magnets?

Apple Watch has magnets in some features like some of the bands, the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable, the MagSafe Duo Charger, and the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock contain magnets. These electromagnetic fields and also magnets may interfere with medical devices, like pacemakers and defibrillators.

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