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Amazing Features in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7

Are you playing games using your smartphone? If so, here is the best alert for you. The Red Magic 7 has unique features to serve you a better gaming experience. Let us check the smart options in Red Magic 7. Here is the article ‘Amazing Features in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7’.

Amazing Features in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7

It is true that gaming phones are comfortable for this very purpose. The developers have introduced the very name of those devices and it is reputedly used by world game lovers. The developers value the smartphone for the money they offer. The same method is applied to ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7, the gaming smartphone.

For sure, ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 can be listed as the top device which helps you to avoid the monotone in your free time by playing video games. We list our top eight features in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 that peruse the game lovers to buy the device. In this article, we will provide you with more details on the way it works and its usage in the real world plus a comparison with other items related to the gaming world.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Processor

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Processor

Initially, the processor in any of the devices plays a vital role. The ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 has Adreno 730 GPU and Qualcomm’s flagship 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. When it comes to benchmarks, the smart device is included an AnTuTu (v9) score of 1056488, and a Geek bench (v5.4.4) score of 3630. Here, the numbers that are on the screen do not allow translation into normal usage. Fortunately, the very device lets the task to perform in this case.

The device supports any type of mobile game such as Asphalt 9, Call of Duty, Genshin Impact so on. The review of the Red Magic 7 explained more details on the device. Moreover, it stands in a firm and stable condition. There are mobile games that have quite long levels with a number of sessions. Added to it, the tough and powerful graphics are supported at the maximum level of their settings. But, in this case, it does not harm very badly. The same processor is run on Galaxy S22 Ultra, Asus Zenfone 9, OnePlus 10 Pro being the flagship devices. All in all, it is pretty sure that you will get an exciting moment with ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7.

Improved Cooling System; Amazing Features in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7

Improved Cooling System

Actually, other than the predecessor, Red Magic 7 has a smart and efficient cooling system. The fan that is built in the device approximately reaches up to 20,000RPM and it works very serenely due to the performance of the internal designs. When it comes to the Supernova type, the fan which includes RGB can be identified from the outer appearance of the smartphone.

Another smart feature of the nine-layer cooling system presents the user with an amazing experience. The ZTE is known the ICE 8.0 to connect with “advanced heat-dissipating materials”. In fact, a pipe shape of the air hole is designed on the backside of the device to take the air inside. The very feature improves the airflow by 35%.

There is another type of tip is created to reduce the heat of the device. The device can plug into the power as a direct way other than charging the battery. All in all, the so-called functions improve the performance of the device skyrocket.

165Hz Refresh Rate With 720Hz Touch Sampling

165Hz Refresh Rate With 720Hz Touch Sampling

Here is the most outstanding feature that wonders the hearts who are keenly interested in the gaming field. Red Magic 7 holds a 165Hz refresh rate of the screen that is the highest among all sorts of smartphones we have observed so far. In most cases, 120Hz is the highest rate that mobile games have. So, this may lead you to think that such a rate is useless. But it is not so. When the refresh rate is highest, the battery levels up rapidly.

Moreover, if you think the rate is so high for your task, you can make it to 60Hz. But remind that if there is not an LTPO panel in your device, you have no option to decrease the level of refreshing rate automatically. In these cases, the refresh rate has been locked in your smartphone.

Do you know? The touch sampling rate of 720Hz brings quite an interest. All in all, you may get the chance to play high demanding games including exclusive graphics plus-minus delays in shooter games. The smart features make you comfortable with mobile games.

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Dedicated Gaming Mode ; Amazing Features in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7

Dedicated Gaming Mode

As we discussed the details with you so far, ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 has been designed especially for the purpose of gaming. Beyond, the very model of smartphones is known for gaming mode. Similarly, with the other sorts of gaming phones, you can perform almost all types of settings even while you are playing the game. Plus, you can make several changes to the special tasks within the game. Here, you get the chance to control the refresh rate, brightness, turbofan, and so on. Moreover, you can identify the live FPS of the game you are playing, CPU and GPU utility for the game, the temperature in the system, media that are shared with, block calls including the notifications that are received to the smartphone.

Up to 18GB RAM

Normally, the smartphone user expects 6GB of RAM for daily purposes. But it does not match the gaming platform. Imagine, when you play high demanding graphics including mobile games, you need to have more space to store the game and for forthcoming tasks.

The predecessor has 12GB and ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 keeps 18GB RAM being it is a model of Supernova. In case, if you think the RAM is useless having such an amount of GB you have a couple of options to move with. That is Pulsar has 16GB RAM and Obsidian has 12GB. Think and move forward with your wise thoughts!

500Hz Pressure Sensitive Zones

In fact, the very device consists of two shoulder triggers. It is not like a button that can be touched physically as the rest of gaming phones deal with. They act like resistive buttons that have 8minutes of responding time.

For sure, you better get to know how to apply them when you are gaming. In short, place each trigger on your screen like the buttons that are placed in games. Then, go forward with your gaming task. The very zones let you control the game using your fingers in a soft way. The very feature brings you comfort as well as safety for the screen.

Included 65W GaN Fast Charger

Included 65W GaN Fast Charger

Do you know the battery level of the very device? dual cell 4500mAh battery supports the device to perform well. Added to it, ZTE is made of 65W GaN (Gallium Nitride) with the purpose of fast charge. The very material includes only for the global mode. In addition, the Chinese version of the device has a 120W charger which helps the device to boosts the battery level from 0 to 100% within about 17 minutes.

You may wonder why the GaN chargers are more efficient? Simply, it is because of the function that helps to control the heat, and the capability to make the item within a small factor than common chargers are made of. Having that type of feature, it enables to release of more power, create the least amount of heat, and the weight is not much difficult to hold. Further, the materials that are used to construct the charger and the pin are also made in an ideal and smart way.

Headphone Jack ; Amazing Features in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7

Headphone Jack ; Amazing Features in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7

It is pretty sure that you may aware that wired headphones have a kind of acceptability than wireless headphones. Normally, the removal of the headphone jack is accepted being it the main advantage that can be visible in Red Magic 7. It is pretty sure that the poor performance of the jack will not be affected for the wired headphones due to the 3.5mm jack. In fact, when we discuss the quality of the audio, performance and upstanding are highly recommended for the gaming world. It will be the best and most handy decision that any gamer gets in their lifetime.

Pick the Right Android Gaming Phone

Finally, you may get to know about the features of the gaming smartphone, ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7. It is true that we can identify certain types of smart and handy options which make the gamers to be relaxed and perform the game in an energetic way. In the same way, there may be some terms that can not be avoided due to the game type. Are you a gamer? Do you please play the games using a smartphone? If so, here is the comfy option that you have to go for, ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7.

By the way, if your choice is to go with the common and modern way of games, you may look for a daily basis of flagship other than better software, haptic feedback, authentic upgrades, plus better-quality cameras, etc.

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