11 Amazing Android Apps That’ll Change How You Use Your Phone

11 Amazing Android Apps That'll Change How You Use Your Phone

These 11 amazing Android Apps will change the way that you use the phone. I’m sure that you will be excited! You will be surprised to see these kind of amazing Android apps. So don’t miss this and go through this article and you will be able to know about 11 Amazing Android Apps That’ll Change How You Use Your Phone.

The play Store contain both time eating apps like addictive games as well as more useful apps that help to make the human lives more productive.

Did you know?

Some of these Apps can totally change your android experience!

Some apps are capable of automating daily tasks and some improve the user interface, while still others improve on existing capabilities of the operating system (OS).

Let’s take a look at some of these useful Android Apps.

01. Lynket Browser

It’s great to use social media to uncover interesting stuff on the web, but it’s not always practical to read them right immediately.

That’s what Lynket Browser allows you to do. It runs in the background and opens web pages. Just tap the floating onscreen bubbles and get to it at any time.

It’s basic, yet it’s quite helpful. This app works with your current browser. Once you click the URLs the AMP versions are automatically loading. By that you can save your time.

Another fantastic feature of the Lynket Browser is the ability to view pages in Article mode, which loads a clean-looking reader mode with no fluff or fillers.

Despite the fact that the software hasn’t been updated in a while, it still delivers on its promises.

Download:Lynket Browser for Free, and in-app purchases available as well.

02. Popup Widget 3

The finest Android widgets are quite useful, but if you use many of them, your home screens will rapidly become cluttered and your phone will slow down.

Popup Widget 3 rethinks their functionality.

On your home screen, it converts all of your selected widgets into 1×1 icons.

You can view inside just by a single tap. Once you tap.

It is easy and quick. No need to hit your fingertip on the all always. This app make your life more convenient, even without view inside the app you can look for the latest tweet notifications, whether forecast etc.

Download: Popup Widget 3 ($1.99)

03. Notepin

Notepin is not something basic. And sometimes you will wonder why it is not built into android. makes it possible to create notes and then pin them to the notifications panel as reminders.

This app is not much hard to use. you can organize your notes based on your priority and date added, and they’re are color-codes too, which is aesthetically pleasing.

Until you unpin the notes in your notification panel they will remain pinned.  While Notepin isn’t groundbreaking, it is undeniably one of the greatest Android apps for productivity and organizing.

Download:Notepin for Free and in-app purchases available as well

04. MacroDroid

Turn the boring tasks you do on a daily basis into macros, which are a set of commands that run automatically.

MacroDroid is a similar app to Tasker, which is a popular Android automation app.

However, utilizing Tasker efficiently for more complex activities has a high learning curve, whereas MacroDroid is an app that you can install and use right away.

You only need to configure two settings in the app—a single action that will be triggered. 

So plugging in your headphones may be the trigger, with the Spotify app automatically launching and the volume level being adjusted as a result.

Alternatively, you might set your phone to Airplane mode (the action) at night ( The trigger).

When your phone is in a car dock, you may also command it to read your text messages aloud.

To fine-tune the conditions under which your macro can run, you can specify optional constraints.

This provides the app much more functionality, and your macros may be as simple or complicated as you want.

Download:MacroDroid for Free and in-app purchases available as well.


IFTTT thrives in web service automation, while MacroDroid specializes at on-device automation.

You can construct applets that connect two web services or devices by using official IFTTT application on your Android smartphone as the central hub.

There are limitless options. IFTTT can be used to manage your smart devices, tweet automatically, receive SMS reminders for Google Calendar appointments, and get discount notifications for items you’re interested in buying.

Once you’ve get this, you’ll wonder how to survive without it. IFTTT is one of the most interesting apps on the Google Play store.

Download:IFTTT  for Free and in-app purchases available as well.

06. Full Screen Gestures

Even though newer Android versions offer better gesture support, they can still seem limited. They just work just at the bottom of the screen do not let you do much beyond basic navigation.

With Full Screen Gestures, this is no longer an issue. It permits movements to be used wherever on the right, left, and bottom edges of the display.

You may also give each edge two functionalities, one for a quick swipe and one for a long swipe. These additional options allow you to control the volume, activate Google Assistant, switch on the touch, and even more.

Download:Full Screen Gestures  for Free and in-app purchases available as well.

07. MightyText

While WhatsApp Web allows you to send WhatsApp messages from your computer, if you prefer SMS, MightyText’s SMS Text Messaging app is a must-have.

It links to your computer through a chrome extension and displays all of your SMS texts on a larger display. You’ll be able to read, respond to, and write new texts, and also to see notification from all of other apps.

You can even take calls, reducing the number of times you have had to pick up your smartphone. If you send a lot of emails, the free plan has a monthly sending restriction, therefore you might need to search for something else. See other apps that allow you message from your PC.

Download the free version of Mighty Text or in-app purchases available as well.

08. Universal Copy

Copy / paste is generally acceptable on Android until it stops working. Some apps don’t allow it, and even some websites expressly ban it, which can be annoying.

With Universal Copy, you can copy and paste nearly everything from every app, such as the text out of an image. It interacts with the entire system in a coordinated manner.

Simply grant the app the appropriate permissions, whenever you want to copy a text, go to the notification bar link and long press to copy the text, and if you wanna find a text in an image then use the scanning mode for that.

Download: Free version of Universal Copy or in-app purchases also available

09. Sesame

Sesame is not only a search engine, but also a shortcut generator. It can search many of your other apps, allowing you to see chats or Spotify playlists instantly form your home screen.

It also offers shortcuts to the apps too. You may set up your usual commute to and from work or just see the score updates on any favorite sports app with a simple push.

Download: The free version of Sesame , or in- app purchases are available as well.

10. Nova Launcher

The best way of customize your Android smartphone is to install new launchers. There are numerous choices, the best of which would be Nova.

It’s light, fast, and stable, plus it’s entirely configurable. The configurations are excellent, but it also offers a number of features that you may not knowing ,icon pack compatibility, the ability to resize any widget are some of them.

The built-in gesture controls, on the other hand, exceed them all. These let you assign functions to a series of swipes, pinches and taps, which range from activate settings to navigating the interface of opening programs.

If you’re a power user, Nova’s gestures will dramatically alter the way you engage with your smartphone.

Download: the free version of Nova Launcher or Nova launcher Premium just for $4.99

11. Super Status Bar

Despite the fact that Android has been extensively flexible, many users disregard the status bar. This app will finally make a difference.

You may adjust the brightness of the screen or volume level just swipe along the edge of the screen using the Super Status Bar.

Set up a ticker to display previews of your new messages and notifications. And also you can modify the general style and feel of the space, as well as customize a range of gesture controls and monitor your battery life. Because there’s so much going on here, Super Status Bar is one of the most wonderful Android apps, and it even includes a few more advanced changes for rooted users.

Download: Free version of Super Status Bar or in-app purchases available

More Amazing Android Apps

This selection of amazing Android apps will change the way you interact with your smartphone forever. They make things easier to organize and let you to find things faster.

But this is just the beginning of the incredible apps available on the Play Store; be sure to check out the rest.

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